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Access the Bars – workshop on relaxation & stress release techniques

Do you feel tired and low on energy? Do you get upset easily or hold onto grudges? Do you carry stress in your body? Does your stress manifest in symptoms of physical dis-ease or pain? Would you simply like to look and feel better?

…At our Conscious Care – Access The Bars workshop, you will learn how to gift and receive this non-invasive, gentle, hands-on therapy which releases electromagnetic components via 32 points on your head, dissipating mental, emotional, physical, and energetic blockages. The therapy also includes verbal processing as required and can be used in combination with other forms of therapy.

At worst, you’ll feel like you’ve had a relaxing massage; at best your whole life could change.

Science shows us that thoughts, feelings, emotions and other conscious and unconscious reactions in your life can effect your physical body’s health and wellbeing.

The Conscious Care non-invasive, gentle, hands-on and verbal techniques help expand awareness of you and your body, and facilitate access to, and dissipate the energetic blockages in places where you have locked undesirable, uncomfortable, painful, or chronic conditions or dis-ease into your body.

The aim of this class is to invite you to an overall more exuberant experience of life through greater consciousness. All Conscious Care techniques may be used in combination with other forms of therapy. Warning: this class may change your life.

Date: Saturday November 13
Time: 9:30 pm-5:30 pm
Location: Mind Body Seoul, Itaewon, Seoul ( 010 8580 7430, 070-8824-8122)
Participation fee: 200,000 per person (half price if you’re repeating a class), includes complete Access the Bars manual, light refreshments, during the class you will gift and receive the Bars twice.
1. Children are welcome. Under 15 years children are free. 15-18 year old children are half price.
2. You will receive a certificate of completion, which allows you to provide Access the Bars therapy to individual clients.

For more information about this therapy please visit the main Access Consciousness website.


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