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Ancient Chinese Astrology Saju(Four Pillars of Destiny) Introduction Lecture -Nov 20th

Date: Saturday Nov 20th
Time: 1-2:30PM
Location: Mind Body Seoul, Itaewon, Seoul
Participation fee: 10,000 (Specially lowered from 60,000 won for this first time!)

For more info:
Map: 010-8580-7430, 070-8824-8122)

Saju lecture is going to be an introduction of Saju – Fourpillars of destiny.

Have you integrated the big lessons your past has provided you?
Do you wonder why they were gifted to you? How you can leverage them now?
Are you playing with your present like a child would? Are you mining it for every lesson life can gift you?
Do you have an insatiable curiosity about the future?
Let Saju answer your curiosities.
Saju will bring clarity to your vision!
Saju, an ancient Oriental astrological science, will help you gain a deeper understanding of your gifts and opportunities.

Learning about yourself from this art, will be one of the many gifts you acquire in Korea., the instructoer is following:

Lecture description by  Janet Shin

Introduction of Korean culture,  yin and yang and the 5 elements in specific, and how they affect our fate.
Some example saju of celebrity will be presented just for easier understanding.
The ppt will be ready for the workshop.
I will also try to prepare some handout, but it depends on situation.

About 1.5 hours presentation, and after that, there will be Q&A session so people who attend the workshop may ask questions about saju.
Some people may wish to do their saju if time permits

Janet Shin  is the president of Heavenly Garden, a saju research center in Korea.
She is the author of the book “Learning Four Pillars.” She offers saju courses to all who are interested.
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One Response to “Ancient Chinese Astrology Saju(Four Pillars of Destiny) Introduction Lecture -Nov 20th”

  1. Jiyoung says:

    Here is her latest lecture at Austria embassy. :) They all enjoyed learning more about SAJU. :)

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