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The Six Laws of the Mind

Date : Sunday, Sept. 12 
Time : 1:45PM 
Instructor : Linda Taylor 
Venue : Mind Body Seoul 
Class size : 5-60 people 
Inquiry :, 010-3040-7231 
Tuition : $5 fee + donation for refreshments made by Melanie (if she prepares) 

Linda’s message: We all need to reconnect with the inner source of strength so as to create this next semester to benefit ourselves as well as those around us!  Learning more about yourself and how to understand the conscious as well as subconscious mind will help you to attract better experiences in your job and in your life. 

“Exit 3, Itaewon Sta- Walk straight out to corner, cross street, pass gas sta. to HUGE concrete set of steps on right, opposite from La Bocca and Buy The Way. Turn Left at top of steps, stay to left walking straight. Will be on the Right.”
An extra gift to you now is a free e-book, to which I contributed and information about the book, “Align, Expand, Succeed: The New Paradigm of Entrepreneurial Success” ( also includes a chapter which I wrote).

This book is expected to become an Amazon best-seller to be released on Oct. 19. Go to: or

Thanks for checking it out!! 

I look forward to seeing ALL of you at this next meet up, where I will be making a very special announcement, too!If you need help finding the meet-up, call me at: 010-3040-7231

Law of Attraction MasterMinds

Linda Taylor
U.S. phone: 915-613-2468
Korean cell: 010-3040-7231
Skype and Facebook: Lktaylor1
Twitter: LindaTaylor2

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